180º Rewind - Lyndsey Scott: Letting Your Life Speak for Itself


Lyndsey Scott rejects one-dimensionality. She’s an actress, an app developer and a model. She’s traveled the world modeling for the world’s biggest brands including Calvin Klein and Prada and she’s walked the catwalk at the Victoria’s Secret. She’s spoken at Facebook HQ, Harvard, Yale and beyond about her story and diversity in tech and she’s rolled up her sleeves at hackathons to help the next generation create their own solutions with tech. Her resume is far too long to fit into a paragraph, which becomes especially relevant when you consider that, as a model and woman of color with a message of diversity and inclusion, Lyndsey has often had her abilities and accomplishments overlooked. Nevertheless, she hasn’t let the adversity kill her spirit! Lyndsey is actively combating erasure for people like her in tech by using her story and voice to make an impact.

Watch her interview with her baby brother Matthew to hear how she got started programming, what has done with her computer science and theater degrees, why inclusion in tech matters to her, her thoughts on the “model is a coder” narrative and why she feels curiosity is key!

To keep up with Lyndsey, visit www.lyndseyscott.com or follow @Lyndsey360 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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