52. Alessandra Clara: Doing Good and Being the Change You Want to See

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At the 19th Annual Harvard Social Enterprise Conference, 180º of Impact's Matt Scott sat down with Alessandra Clara. Alessandra Clara is a social entrepreneur and the Founding Partner and Social Enterprise Consultant at Strategic Good as well as the Program Manager at LearnServe International. While she is deeply embedded in the social enterprise community in numerous capacities, one thing unites all of Alessandra's work: she is an expert at helping others make an impact! In this interview, Alessandra talks about how her upbringing in El Salvador affected her passion for social enterprise, the challenges that young people (namely high school students) face in creating ventures to make their world a better place, her advice for anyone who wants to get started making a difference, and the importance of doing!

As LearnServe celebrates their 15th anniversary, watch this interview with Alessandra and consider the question that is often on Alessandra's mind: What does social innovation mean to you?

For more on Strategic Good, visit strategicgood.org. For more on LearnServe, visit learn-serve.org.

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