28. Anita Kirkovska: A Datanaut, Divergent By Design

In April 2017, Macedonia native Anita Kirkovska co-hosted (alongside Irena Chaushevska) one of two global Main Stages for NASA'S Interational Space Apps Challenge in 2017. Anita was an organizer for Space Apps Silicon Valley in California, one of nearly 200 events which collectively drew in more than 25,000 artists, coders, engineers, experts, students, storytellers, and people of all walks of life to create solutions to challenges facing planet Earth. This week, Anita was named a NASA Datanaut with the Fall 2017 Class. While still young with a long, long way to go, Anita shared her history and a view of her future which anyone could see is as bright as a shooting star.

Matthew ScottComment