20, 21, & 22: Lighting the Open Data Hacking Torch Early

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In March 2017, I attended a hackathon by the name of hackBCA. HackBCA is one of the largest hackathons for high school students, welcoming hundreds of students from Bergen County Academies and beyond to create solutions to our world's problems. At the event, I met three participants who shared their wisdom with me. They were Adam Papenhausen, a BCA junior who created an app that virtually replaces the need to write by hand; Liam Rahav, co-director of hackBCA 2018 and participant in about 20 hackathons to-date; and Chirayu Jain, organizer for hackBCA and Space Apps Next Gen, a global high school series of hackathons in association with NASA's annual International Space Apps Challenge

Listen to what they had to say about the high school hackathon experience and about being some of the world's youngest inventors.

Matthew ScottComment