46. Jade Leamcharaskul: Trying to Add Some Spicy Variety in Small Doses

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Jade Leamcharaskul is making an impact with her art. She is a London-based game composer, a profession which, at first glance, doesn't scream "impact", at least as far as 180º of Impact goes. In fact, Jade's work isn't about "screaming"; it's about improving upon the subtleties in video games and other media we consume, even if we aren't fully aware of them initially. Jade, also known as JDWasabi, is a horror audio and East Asian music specialist transforming the gaming culture entirely by providing and promoting culturally accurate music options to game developers. In today's interview, she talks with 180º's Matt Scott about cultural appropriation, the status quo in the gaming industry, how she broke in, and the inclusive shift taking place, representing and welcoming various ethnicities, sexual orientations, and genders, in addition to promoting positive values including empathy.

For more on Jade and her work, visit wasabi-playground.com.

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