49. Jivika Rajani: 180 Puzzle Pieces of Me

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Jivika Rajani was like a lot of us. She didn't know exactly what she wanted to do, so she'd try it all. Like a lot of us, she had "180 puzzle pieces" of her life story sitting in front of her and no clear idea how they fit together. It was only through hard work and introspection that she realized her calling. See, growing up in Dubai, Jivika wasn't exposed to social enterprise. Many kids in Dubai lack that exposure. That's part of the reason Jivika founded Aspir8 (a portmanteau of "aspire" and "innovate"), to help young people in Dubai discover their own unique opportunity to change the world for the better. Recently, she brought together 50 kids to do just that and she's only getting started. As Jivika discusses in this interview with Matt Scott, while it's a ton of work to put the 180 puzzle pieces of your life together, it's a worthwhile process and something she helps young people who were like her do today.

For more on Aspir8, visit aspir8.org. Follow Aspir8 on social media at facebook.com/aspir8 and @Aspir8org on Twitter and Instagram.

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