39. Jose Silva: Living the Chapters of our Lives


Jose Silva is a foot soldier, writing and living life chapter by chapter. As someone who has experienced a lot of life, facing adversity along the way, Jose recognizes that he wouldn't be the person he is today without the struggle. Today, among many other duties and responsibilities in the community, Jose is a Mayoral Appointee to Denver Latino Commission, helping bridge the gap between Denver's citizens and the decisions that are being made. Watch his conversation on 180º of Impact, the first in-person interview conversation, for more on what makes Jose tick and how he's planning to make an impact nationwide (hint: it includes, one day, running for President of the United States).

For more on the Denver Latino Commission, visit the Human Rights and Community Partnerships Office website at denvergov.org/hrcp. Follow Jose on Twitter (@SilvaForDenver) and Facebook (Jose G. Silva). Also, check out Jose out on his KGMU Radio Show "Up Dog" Tuesdays at 3pm: www.kgnu.org/metro.

Matthew ScottComment