17. Kathy Korman Frey: Beyond the Single Story

Often times, when society thinks of women, we have a certain vision in mind of what a woman is, represents, and does. It’s what author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie refers to as the danger of the single story. As the eastern Nigeria storyteller puts it, the problem with this is that the singular story "robs people of dignity", removing the similarity and nuance we each possess.

Kathy Korman Frey, a professor at the George Washington University Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence, is combatting the singular "women's story" through the Hot Mommas Project. To date, she’s helped aggregate more than 300 stories of women. Students, princesses, stay-at-home moms, and CEOs alike have written their stories as case studies for the Hot Mommas Project. As the Founder of the Hot Mommas Project and Chief Hot Momma and as a former Managing Director of Vision Forward, COO of the Nationa Council on the Aging Deveopment Corporation, former Azheimer's Association board member, current board member of United Women in Business, Mixoogy, and 30 Second Mom, professor of Women's Entreprenurial Leadership, a mother, and so much more, Kathy is an exampe of the nuance stories have. Then again, the entire case study library is a reminder of this. Even more, having worked with Kathy, I experience this firsthand, including a collaboration with her on producing the 2013 Hot Mommas Project Global Case Awards.

From Kathy, I learned that, while stories come in all shapes and sizes, everyone has a potential for excellence. In this work, the Chief Hot Momma focuses on building the confidence, courage, and clout of women across the globe. Yes, this Harvard MBA teaches many lessons about business but there's also a lot to learn about life. I learned countless lessons from Kathy and the "sisterhood of success" and encourage all readers to take a look at the case library for a diverse range of heartfelt, stirring stories, whether the story of Eman Al-Awadhi who fought the patriarchy, Kathy Wilson who came to recognize her own legitimacy, or Michelle Lochan, a survivor in many ways, who found the courage to carry on.

There are so many stories told within the Hot Mommas Project case library and so many stories to be told. Kathy's work is a reminder that each of our stories matters and has potential for impact in the lives of others.

Matthew ScottComment