42. Maura Kolkmeyer: Scars Make Us Who We Are


Grit is not something that comes easy but one thing is for sure: Maura Kolkmeyer has it. Maura has discovered her grit as an entrepreneur, a future builder and trends forecaster and, as discussed in-depth in this interview, a Lyme survivor. On her journey, she’s built up reserves of gratitude, self-compassion and "sticktuitiveness" that serve her in her professional life as the founder of Sitterly and will continue to serve her in her personal life as she, given a recent positive diagnosis, squares off with (and defeats!) Lyme once again. Maura reminds us all to count our blessings and to realize that we, even with our own struggles, might just have it better than we think. Watch today’s interview for an in-depth chat with Maura which provides some key lessons as we head into the new year.

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