48. Max Friedman: Eat, Sleep, Give... and Be You!

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Max Friedman isn't on a mission to save the world; he's just being himself! Being himself is what led Max to become the co-founder and CEO of Givebutter, a social crowdfunding platform helping student organizations, startups, sports teams and individuals raise funds for causes that matter. Being himself is also what has enabled Max to sit under the learning tree of exceptional mentors who see the genuine passion in his eyes and go the extra mile to push his work forward. As such, this Givebutter CEO is like a professor's favorite student, a sponge soaking in all of the knowledge and insights along the way and doing the homework needed to succeed.

In today's interview, hear Max Friedman's conversation with 180º of Impact creator Matt Scott, in which Max shares the story behind Givebutter, the role mentors have played in his success to date, his advice for other young people looking to get [something] started and much, much more.

For more on Max, visit his LinkedIn and Twitter. For more on Givebutter, visit givebutter.com.

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