45. Nisha Kotecha: Valuing the Good Stuff Regardless of Its Size

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Nisha Kotecha is the founder of Good News Shared and she is on a mission to highlight how amazing charities are. In April 2014, Nisha founded the UK-based social enterprise, building on her own experience seeing the impact of charities on people’s lives.

Since then, as Nisha explains, Good News Shared has played a vital role in her life and work. In January 2016, she was truly put to the test when her mother passed away. It was through the power of the positive stories she shared that she herself was uplifted. She was so inspired by this positive habit that she created The Moments Journal to share this lesson of gratitude and mindfulness with the world.

In today’s interview,180º of Impact’s Matt Scott (from the United States) connects with Nisha Kotecha (during her travels in India). Building on the previous interview with former PepsiCo CEO Steve Reinemund, this is yet another great way to kick off 2018!

For more on Nisha and her work with Good News Shared and The Moments Journal, visit goodnewshared.com.

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