71. Robert Egger: Fucking Shit Up with Love and Purpose

Robert Egger is the latest change maker featured in 180º of Impact, a project created by Matt Scott to reverse engineer social change through conversations with people making our world a better place. Who is Robert Egger? Let him tell you, courtesy of his new website fuckingshitup.net.

I founded the D.C. Central Kitchen, the Campus Kitchen Project, and the L.A. Kitchen, which have collectively produced over 45 million meals and helped over 1,500 individuals attain jobs. I was the founding Chair of the DC Mayor's Commission on Nutrition and Street Sense (Washington's homeless newspaper), and I served on the Founding Board of FoodChain - the National Network of Prepared Food Programs, World Central Kitchen and Kitchens for Good. I was the Co-Convener of the first Nonprofit Congress and the Founder of the CFoward PAC. I also wrote the award winning book, Begging for Change, and I’m an international speaker, receiving dozens of awards over the years for my ideas and work. I’ve been named a Point of Light, an Oprah Angel and a Washingtonian of the Year, and I made it on the Nonprofit Times list of the Most Powerful & Influential Nonprofit Leaders from 2006-2009. And last but not least, I’m a 15-gallon blood donor with the American Red Cross.

That’s Robert’s bio, but there’s so much more to dive into. That’s why, in the longest 180º of Impact conversation to date, Matt chats with Robert about Robert’s prolific career, LA Kitchen, Robert’s friend and Matt’s former professor Jose Andres, the evolution of the non-profit space, the tyranny of routine, philanthropy, privilege, the power of supporting youth and those from underrepresented backgrounds, and much, much more.

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