51. Sonja Eliason: Ripple Learning

Here at 180° of Impact, we know it’s never too early to make an impact. If anything, the earlier you start, the better. While Sonja Eliason isn’t the youngest change maker featured in 180°, she is the college student at the helm of Circle of Women, a nonprofit mobilizing students to create educational opportunity for girls without it. Founded in 2006 out of the realization that the world underinvests in girls, Circle of Women leads construction projects to build schools for girls. According to their website, “To date, Circle of Women has completed 8 projects in 6 countries: Afghanistan, India, Kenya, Malawi, Pakistan, and Tanzania.” In today’s 180° interview with 180° creator Matt Scott, Sonja shares her lessons learned as the Executive Director, her experience overcoming imposter syndrome, and her vision for the impact she wants to make in her lifetime.

For more on Circle of Women, visit circleofwomen.org.

Matthew ScottComment