52. Thato Letsomo: She Responded to the Call

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Thato Letsomo quit school. She quit her catering business. She gave up all she had because she responded to the call. In February, Thato traveled from Botswana to the United States for the first time for the 19th Annual Harvard Social Enterprise Conference, all as part of that call to serve young people. Thato is giving voices to the people who don't know how to manage their health or navigate HIV. In fact, in her role at Young 1ove, she has educated tens of thousands of young people in her career and has many more to reach to date. Thato's life is not her own; it is dedicated to her service to young people and providing something she didn't have growing up to kids today. Watch her 180º of Impact conversation with Matt Scott and learn more about her work and how you can get involved by visiting www.young1ove.org.

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