180º of Impact's
Impact Lab Fellowship

Before completing the submission form below, please read the following overview:

Position: Fellow, 180º of Impact’s Story Lab

Initial Timeframe: October - December 2017 (3 months)

Overview: We’re looking for 2 - 3 current GW students with some experience in social media and digital marketing or communications, and with an incredible willingness to support growing projects by some fun (we’re fun!), passionate, young changemaker hopefuls. You would have conversations with us over video chat (and maybe even an in-person lunch, dinner or coffee)  but mostly work independently, over email, from your residence hall room, Gelman Library or a coffee near you.

Compensation: $150/month for completion of tasks determined in coordination with Matt Scott and respective project leads. In total, we estimate you’d spend approximately 3 hours a week on tasks (but it’s not about the time, it’s about the tasks). Payment will be dependent on the successful completion of tasks and will take place on October 30, November 30, and December 30 unless otherwise agreed upon.,

The ideal Fellows are:

  • Willing to learn - While we have experience in executing on these tasks, you would help give us the time to focus on other tasks. We are happy to explain how to do many of these tasks and will have feedback along the way.. As we learn everyday through our projects, we’d love for you to be excited to learn as well.

  • Hard-working and self-starting - Work isn’t always easy but it’s worth it. You are looking to challenge yourself creatively and strategically through this work. Most of the time, you will be working alone or from home, so you’re the type who is good at setting time aside even when not given specific hours.

  • Communicative and collaborative - You are a strong, diligent writer who pays attention to detail. You love words (like really love words!) and hashtags, for that matter.

  • Creative - You love to come up with ideas and are great at exciting others about them.

  • Passionate about social impact - You enjoy helping people who have positive messages to change the world for the better.

  • Fun and casual - This is very informal with the goal of getting work done and learning, not about dressing up. Most of the time, we will be connecting on video chat from home

In addition, you are:

  • Great at writing succinct, compelling emails that people want to read and reply to.

  • Comfortable with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

  • Experienced with or willing to quickly learn the basics of Canva, Mailchimp, HootSuite or Buffer, iMovie or other editing software, ConvertKit, SquareSpace, Planoly.

  • Also potentially a little bit skilled in video editing and graphic design, though this is not required.

Primary responsibilities will likely include:

  • Developing a storytelling strategy
    • strategy developed in coordination with us
    • includes the key tasks to follow
  • Social media strategy and execution
    • approximately 10 posts/week - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    • scheduling and posting content
    • community engagement, with some emphasis on follower growth
  • Weekly newsletters
    • drafting using some guidance and some content from us
    • sending or being sure we send - part of this may be keeping us on task
  • Project development outreach
    • emails and other outreach to key contacts (potential sponsors, partners, media and press, interviewees or guest bloggers, etc)
  • Promotional partner packs
    • for key community members, interviewees or partner organizations to help them spread the word - including a few social media posts, photos provided by us or graphics, etc.

No formal experience required, but appreciated. All applicants will be considered! This would also be a good opportunity for someone who already has a job or internship but who could handle an average of a few additional hours of work per week to do something creative.

This is a very informal position and meant for you to have fun while learning a little bit and making a tiny bit of money! We're looking forward to having someone start in almost immediately (October 2017).

If you have any questions, contact me today either using the contact form or by email at hello@lets.care.

Looking forward to seeing who applies!


Matt Scott (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Founder, 180º of Impact (Twitter, Facebook)

GW School of Business, BBA Marketing - 2014
Full-time job: Digital Storyteller, SecondMuse

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