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The most important office in a democracy is the office of citizen.
— Barack Obama

180° of Impact is a project to celebrate 180 people dramatically improving our world through their work. These people represent a diverse range of industries, backgrounds, and skill sets. Collectively, they possess the power to change our world for the better, little by little, one way or another.


Matt Scott is the creator of 180º of Impact. Full-time, he is a Digital Storyteller with the global innovation agency SecondMuse. He also volunteers his time as the Venture Mentor Coordinator for LearnServe International and as a Brand Ambassador for the social media for social change app VoiceLots. He is a firm believe in the power of the people to be the change they want to see in the world. His body of work includes storytelling collaborations with NASA, Nike, the Australian Government, The White House, World Bank, the US Agency for International Development, the American Chemical Society, Honda, Digital Learning Day, the Education Trust, the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, and more.

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Elizabeth Williams is a Fellow with 180º of Impact's Impact Lab. Prior to this experience, she worked with Complete Land Care Services as a marketing director and sales representative. Outside of work, Williams is involved with a variety of political and lobbying organizations on campus at the George Washington University, the For Love of Children tutoring center, and the International Affairs Society and Moot Court team.


Michael Wang is a Fellow with 180º of Impact's Impact Lab. Prior to this experience, he interned in Q Publicidad, a Marketing company in the country of Panama where he worked as a graphic designer, marketer, and creative media. Outside of work, this George Washington University business student is an avid photographer and cinematographer, and always loves to challenge himself in a new and creative way.


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